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Sample Advance Scouting/Game Planning Coach Job Description

Advance Scouting/Game Planning Coach

Summary of Responsibilities:

This new role for the Cardinals will be a non-uniformed addition to our coaching staff. The person will have significant responsibilities for advance scouting and game planning, as well as acting as a conduit between the front office, coaches and players for analytics. The person will not technically be part of our uniformed staff, but will have the potential for some on-field, pre-game responsibilities.

Essential Functions of the Job:

  • Assist the staff in advance scouting work using analytic data and video
    • Advance/game planning coach will attend and participate in both staff and player meetings involving game planning and advance scouting
    • Responsible for post-mortem evaluating how well game plans are followed and how effective they are
  • Bridge between our Baseball Development department and our staff and players
    • Taking analytic information to the clubhouse from the baseball development department
    • Taking requests from the field staff/players to the baseball development department
  • Initial presentation of materials will be directed to the field staff allowing them to pass along to the player what's applicable
    • Advance/game planning coach will interact directly with players on a case-by-case basis as the role develops
  • During road games, will assist with replay and be available to players/coaches in the video room
  • During home game, will be available to share real time data to the coaching staff, potentially from the dugout
  • Role will be treated as a member of the field staff with the relevant benefits and expectations
    • Sit in the staff section of the plane, have a locker with the coaching staff, etc.
    • Attend all of Spring Training, travel to all 162 games with the team, etc.

Education and Experience Required:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to assimilate information and share it in an actionable manner to multiple comprehension levels
  • Background playing professional baseball and/or multiple years of being immersed in high level professional clubhouse culture
  • Solid base of practical analytics along with willingness to be directed and grown from our Baseball Development department
  • Basic understanding of how to use Excel, including the ability to create and execute training schedules
  • Bi-lingual a plus but not required
  • Ability to help with pre-game work on the field (throwing BP, hitting fungo's, etc.) is a bonus but not required

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